Love what you’re Doing!

Or it could happen that you do what you love. Regardless how you’ve managed to be in either both paths, your a lucky bastard and life is good to you, so try to stay humble and grateful because it’s that achievement is absolutely priceless.

If you’re the unlucky goofy Life has played around with for a while, then you do have to make an extra effort to stay Motivated, Happy and Smiling all the time. But whether life is giving you lemons or hot chilly peppers, you might be better off enjoying yourself and getting Positive thoughts and beliefs.


Don’t forget that the memories of who you were, what you’ve done and how you’ve reacted in your daily life, are the ones responsible for your actions and choices forever. So choose wisely. Act wisely. Do good… common values to every religion. But here in Thailand, Buddhism goes a bit beyond every other religion I have been in touch with. It can’t even be called a religion. It’s a way of life in peace and harmony, where everything is up to high levels of exquisite detail, from the language to the people, the food and the landscape. People tend to appreciate Peace, Harmony and Respect, more than in Europe.

It’s completely impossible to not fall in love with Thailand.


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